Please Note: Cannabis Hotel software will be in beta for the next 12 months. The website is fully functional, however, it’s not considered ‘finished’. It’s open to changes, improvements, and your feedback.

While in Beta we will be offering free placed ads until Jan 2020.

There’s every indication that today’s travelling Cannabis enthusiasts expect more.

Considered a fashionable pastime for the 24 – 54-year-old traveller, today there’s an exciting expectation that comes with legalization.

Freedom of use and travel. New experiences.

YOU are part of creating that experience.

Recreational users are ready for the budding industry of Cannabis Tourism.

Are you ready to introduce your brand and products to an excited, appreciative audience of millions of cannabis consumers? Nationally and globally?

Partner with Cannabis Hotels and reach your niche target market. is a complete cannabis friendly travel advisory.

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Cannabis Hotels – Where to Stay, Play, & Buy.

Cannabis Hotels is the single best source for travellers planning a Cannabis Friendly trip.

They need information about cannabis friendly accommodations, tours, retail and events events. Travellers want to know where to safely purchase and use quality product.

The website is easy and intuitive. Simply type in the destination and the friendly world of Cannabis appears:

  • Accommodations
  • Retail Locations
  • Experiences, Tours, Events
  • Detailed information with maps.
  • Online photos and reviews from other travellers.
  • Travel Guides. for your region.

You’ve probably been reading about the $2Billion infusion cannabis tourism will bring over the next few years.

Even the Tourism Industry Association of Canada is meeting to discuss marijuana driven tourism at its congress this Month (November 2018).

National and Global travellers are looking for more information right now. Cannabis Hotels will market to this enthusiastic target group for you:

Sponsored Social media (when available)

Advertising to a national and global market

Search Engine Optimization

Ads on Search engines (when available)

Blogs and social influencers (Sponsered, Backlinks)

Business Analytics

Geo-mapping by IP for travellers

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Your Profile includes your descriptive content, your photos, and a link to your website for booking. Plus, clients can leave reviews! Accommodations, Experiences, Retail please click here

Invest in a FEATURED PLACEMENT for brand visibility to a larger audience. Drive new sales with every click. (Limited Opportunities)

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Cannabis Hotels – Where to Stay, Play, & Buy

Cannabis Enthusiasts are waiting to find you!

With your expertise and our aggressive Marketing Plan, we will make the traveller’s experience one for the memory banks – from that first online search through to completion.

Cannabis Hotels is targeting your niche clientele. There will be no booking fees. Your Profile is free the entire time we are in beta mode. A modest annual subscription will be introduced after beta, and you can choose to opt out at that time. Let’s get to work on your FREE PROFILE. Take a moment to consider the following:

DESCRIPTIVE CONTENT: the more content you include the better. Tell clients why they should choose you as a cannabis friendly destination.

PHOTOS & VIDEO: Your profile includes 5 photos, 1 video and you should upload 5 photos and a video. Photos and video will share your story. Travellers love to see photos 7 video first.

YOUR WEBSITE: Travellers will click through to your designated landing page and book directly with you.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at and we will help you.